Sabbatical begins! 

The much awaited sabbatical begins with a glimpse of the northern lights just before landing!

The town of Reykjavik is really small with a very walkable map of points of interest. Just outside my hotel is the main church called Hallgrímskirkja.


Despite a persistent jetlag, I braved the frigid waters of Iceland to dive at a place called Silfra in Þingvellir national park. This national park is located on the northern shore of lake Þingvallavatn. The dive involves traversing the fissure caused by continental drift between the North American and Eurasian plates in water that is at 2 °C temperatures, thus involving a dry suit. My first impressions of Silfra- beautiful and crystal clear waters! My thoughts on dry suite diving – not for me.




Ended the day by going to a place called Micro Bar as suggested by the scuba instructor. This place had an amazing collection of Iceland’s micro brewery offerings and I tried what is called Bra Red Ale by Gæðingur, a microbrewery from Skagafjordur. I really loved it! I also met a really friendly guy at the bar, whose name I forget, but he asked me to go meet Hiedi from the SF restaurant “The great American grilled cheese” and tell her that I met Booger in Iceland. She will apparently lose her shit and I will have earned myself a free grilled cheese. I will try.



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