Layover in Munich- Excursion to Freising

My flight from Reykjavik to Dubrovnik had a 7 hour layover and I did some research to see how best to utilize my time there. After all, Munich airport is one of the least interesting places (second only to Frankfurt). Several tripadvisor forums suggested making an excursion to the little town of Freising which is a 15 minute bus ride from the Munich airport. So I decided to give it a shot. BAD idea. Nothing terribly wrong with the town, but I ignored a few things which made this a rather unpleasant and unnecessary painful experience.

The town of Freising is famous for just one thing: Weihenstephan– the worlds oldest brewery.

Other than this brewery, there really isn’t much to be crazy about in this town. And this brewery is a good 20 minute walk from the bus stop in town. What I chose to ignore was the fact that my layover in Munich was 6am to 1pm. Which means that I was in this town at like 7am. Not the time of the day you want a beer, even if some crazy place was open to serve you some (no they were not). Also combined with the fact that the previous day I had spent driving about 450kms in Iceland and hadn’t slept at all in the plane, made me a very grumpy tourist in front of a closed brewery at 7am. I hung around town till 9am, managed to hike around a hill by virtue of getting lost and caught a bus and came back. By the time I got back, I had used up every last bit of energy and sunshine I had. For anyone looking to spend time in Freising during a layover, my tip would be that it’s only worth it if you went when the tasting room at the brewery is open.

kept up the tradition of doing stairwell walks. The old town did have its charm if you weren’t grumpy from sleep deprivation.
A colorful bear. For some reason this town had a lot of bear statues.
Finally after a painfully long detour flund the Weihenstaphan Abbey

Gardens of Weihenstephan Abbey. In the evenings, people just grab a beer and sit around in the garden.
According to google maps, this was the closest way back to the bus stand! So I took it!!
Which lead to more stairs….
And then turned into a full on hiking trail!! After wandering in this forest for 20 minutes, I emerged out to find a road that took me to the bus stand.

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