Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

I’ve been staying in the outskirts of the city of Dubrovnik for the past couple of days. I plan on blogging about the entire Dalmatian coast once I am done traveling through it. Today I took a day trip to the neighboring country of Montenegro. And it was a SPECTACULAR trip. This came highly recommended by a friend whose taste in travel I trust. Given the number of things you can do locally in and around Dubrovnik, I was in two minds about going. That combined with a sever jet lag that kept me awake till 6am last night, I wasn’t sure cross country driving was a good idea.

It turned out to be a GREAT idea. The border crossing involves a little bit of waiting for passport control process to happen for all vehicles crossing. My wait time while entering and exiting Montenegro were 45 mins and 15 mins respectively. Which given the experience of driving along the Bay of Kotor, is totally worth it! My main destination was the UNESCO heritage town of Kotor. But the entire journey right from the point of leaving Dubrovnik is pretty beautiful! For those in Dub looking to spend a day experiencing something different from the Dalmatian coast, I highly recommend this day trip!

Was greeted by this cat at the Montenegro border.
First view of the Bay of Kotor near the town of Herceg Novi
Islet off the coast of Perast
The bay of Kotor with its many towns along the coast
Kotor has many quirky things going on- like this giant doll sitting on the old town walls near one of the town gates
Church of Saint Luke
An interesting corner in old town
Another quirky signboard in Kotor
Staring off the hike up to the fortress along the old town wall
Practising some good uphill hikes 🙂
View of the bay and the town along the hike
Made it to the top!!
At the end of the descent back down, cool sweet water from this vintage faucet ..

Kotor had this whole thing about cats! There were cats everywhere and they had souvenirs in all the shops about Cats of Kotor.


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