Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice lakes is one of the first few images you see when you look up images of Croatia. It is a place of such immense beauty, that pictures and videos from an amateur traveler like me can do no justice. But that won’t stop me from photo blogging about it 🙂

The big waterfalls

Footbridges to walk along and across the lakes
For those that dont want to climb down to the lakes, the view from the rim is not bad either. Trails run along the top as well.

In some places there  so many water falls that there are no footbridges over some of them.

If you ever get a chance to visit the park, here are some tips for visitors. They don’t really provide a map for free, you have to buy them at the souvenir shops. The back of the ticket contains a rough map which is adequate for a person with average IQ. Since I hold a below avg IQ, I meandered a few times which meant I climbed up and down the canyon, crossed back and forth the lakes a few times and looped around  more than the most optimum route. Basically there are foot bridges and trails along the lake ( both sides for most part) and then there is the trail at the top of the canyon for those that can’t climb down (or up) the steep slopes. There are a few places along the foot bridges where you can climb out to the rim. Stick to the trails along the lake at the bottom for as long as you desire to be upclose to the waterfalls and the emerald blue lakes and climb out to the rim to catch the panoramic bus when you are done.


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