Ljubljana & Bled- Slovenia

Slovenia is like one big postcard. Driving through the roads of Slovenia feels like you are in some kind of perfectly manicured Hollywood set made to represent the idyllic countryside.


The capital city of Ljubljana is fairly small but has a very romantic and surprisingly eclectic vibe to it. The River Ljubljanca flows thorough the middle of the historic part of the city and has many pretty bridges across it.

The castle atop a hill overlooking the entire city is the centerpiece of old town Ljubljana.

You get wonderful views of the city from the castle.

And it lights up at night like a Christmas tree!!

The city has plenty of old architecture and just pretty corners and alleys all over.

And what European city would it be if it did not have a gorgeous church just around the corner.


The town of Bled is a minefield of rainbows and unicorns. Situated along the banks of lake Bled, it’s impossible to take a bad picture here. The town has a breathtaking castle on top of a cliff overlooking the lake.

Once on top of the lake, you have gorgeous views of the entire lake and the island in the middle of the lake.

Trail to hike up the castle

And then you just circumnavigate the lake till you find the best picture!

And just when you think it can’t get better, a rainbow shows up!

Just about 4km outside the town of Bled is a canyon called the Vintgar Gorge. Beautiful footbridges along the steep walls of the canyon along the Radovna river make this an exciting side trip when you get bored of the castles and islands and rainbows :).

A 43 ft waterfall at the end of the trail along Vintgar gorge.

Slovenia was a drive through country and I am glad I was not in a rush to go anywhere. It was amazing to slow down and take it all in. Will definitely have to be back!


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